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Brief Japanese Learning

Updated: Feb 26

Lesson 3 Pronunciation / How to memorize a-i-u-e-o table and kya-kyu-kyo table

The a-i-u-e-o table and kya-kyu-kyo table in the original style follows the Japanese syllable table adapted by the "Japan Society for Roman Letter" as it is easy for Japanese language learners to understand the system of a-i-u-e-o table and kay-kyu-kyo table.

But the Hepburn method of roman letter actually spreads around Japan. Many sign boards are written in the Hepburn method.

James Curtis Hepburn made Japanese romanizations closer to English. According the Hepburn style, several letters changes slightly such as "tu" is "tsu", "ti" is "chi", "zi" is "ji" ... they are marked by green color. Take a close look at the chart above and check the both styles.

The Hepburn method is used at this site except lesson 2 and lesson 3 as it is easier for English speakers to pronounce roman letters.

Just for your information, I show the table of a-i-u-e-o table and kya-kyu-kyo table with hiragata and katakata.

Original Style

Hepburn Style

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