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About Kanji (Chinese characters) and calligraphy

Updated: Feb 1

I happened to glance over "Kanji" printed on a sweat shirt at some shop.

I just wondered if the some of the Argentinians are interested in "Kanji".

If I could make original T-shirt in Argentina, I would write my favorite words "元気" "genki" in calligraphy and print on it.

I know my work is not well because I just wrote it several minutes. I usually take 1 hour or so, and practice at least 100 time.

Do you have any favorite Kanji ? If you let me know, I will try to write it. Off course, I will take more time and give you better one. Contact me.

Otra cosa. "元気” es "bien" and is used casual conversation such as this.

A: ¿Qué tal? B: Bien.

You can ask your friends just using the word.

A: Genki? B: Hi (Un) , Si.


I wrote an another shabby work, far from being satisfied on January 1st.

This Chinese character means el amigo or la amiga, a friend.

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