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About "Sushi"

¿Te gusta sushi? It is one the Japanese traditional food and I found the interesting video clips to know about sushi.

#1 A kind of a joke video.

About 70% of the contents are incorrect, but around 30% of them are true. Please watch the video and take it as quizzes of Japanese culture.

#2 Hints of video #1

This video will give you clues to find out which parts of the video #1 are correct.

#3 A informative video about sushi.

The interesting phrases in the conversation are as follows.

A: Sushi is all about your heart, right?

B: Not only sushi, but have to be honest when cooking and it is quite difficult to be honest.

This clip is protected by the copyright so please go to the YouTube if you are interested in taking a look at it. Click here. Spanish or English caption can be available.

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